Knightmare Poker Deck 

It's no secret that Bryan loves games. Boardgames, card games, and roleplaying games all line shelves in my office, and frequent my large game table. In fact, we are currently working on an RPG called Hidden Worlds, based on the World of Incursion.

Bryan plays some games that use standard poker-style playing cards, and he decided that he wanted to play with cards themed with his first novel - INCURSION: Knightmare. So he designed a completely fresh design for the cards. The number cards are a fresh, yet traditional-style design, and the face cards and jokers are themed from the main characters in the novel.  This deck will not be the last he designs, and it is currently available on DriveThruStuff.

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Ultimate (Full Deck) Euchre

Ultimate (Full Deck) Euchre is a variation that was created by a group of bored college students from Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. (Go Ravens!) This group of students got tired of the limited gameplay and strategies available in standard-rules euchre. We decided to play with the full deck of cards (insert obvious joke here), and add the jokers. A hand of eleven, instead of five, and two extra bowers provides for a WIDE range of strategies. 

Now you can download a PDF of the rules for Ultimate (Full Deck) Euchre by clicking the button below. The rules for standard (American) euchre are also included in the download.

Download the Rules PDF