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What is a Vampire?

What is a vampire in the World of Incursion? To answer that, let me quote Doctor Noelle Sorenson, Special Agent of Section 28, Catholic Priest, and member of the Vatican Order, Protectionem Dei Adversus Malum:

If you want to know what you are fighting, you need to understand a little more background. First off, forget almost everything you have ever seen from movies, TV, or books. Very few points are correct and most of the big 'facts' are wrong.

The traditional vampire, what I referred to as the ‘garden variety vampire,’ is not a suave, debonair creature of the night who seduces by looks. They do not have the gothic sense of dress. And they absolutely do not sparkle. Except when you roast them with a flamethrower, then their ashes glow a little.

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Written by Bryan Donihue, Published 11/20/2016

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