The Fiction of the Hidden Worlds

Enter the dark imagination of Bryan Donihue with tales of the Hidden Worlds.

There are three primary story venures to find your answers in the Hidden Worlds. Some are available in print and e-book, others are short novellas online, and the third is the collection of short stories.

Knight's Bane Trilogy

The monsters in your nightmares are real, and there is a top secret government team that hunts them. Knightmare is an emergency action team of Section 28, a code:black division of the Department of Homeland Security. The Knight's Bane Trilogy tells their story.

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Incursion Legends Series

Heroes are real, and they hunt monsters. The Incursion Legends Series contains novels and short novellas that tell the tales of the heroes who hunt the monsters that prey on humanity. 

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Tales of the Hidden Worlds

The Tales are a series of short stories that take place in the HIdden Worlds. What happens when humanity finds out that monsters are real?

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