Knight's Bane Trilogy

The monsters in your nightmares are real, and there is a top secret agency in Homeland Security that hunts them. This is their story.

Team Knightmare

Recruited from special forces, law enforcement, FBI HRT, private contractors, and even the Vatican, the members of Team Knightmare are the best at what they do. Now their skills are being used to save humanity from threats that they had never dreamed about. 

Knightmare is called into the missions that require their particular brand of violence. When monsters hunt humanity, Team Knightmare hunts the monsters.

Agent James Smith

Special Agent James Smith is the enigmatic Director of Section 28. No one knows how long Agent Smith has been working for the agency. Rumors talk of Agent Smith being one of the founding agents during World War II. Although he won't confirm it, he does seem to know where all the bodies are buried.

Agent Smith recruited Team Knightmare in preparation for an Extinction Level Incursion predicted by Esoteric Analysis. Can the team be ready?

Their first mission is a simple Vampire HUnt for a small nest. It's never that simple.

INCURSION: Knightmare

Fae were massacred, and they blame humanity. It's up to Knightmare to figure out what happened.


Section 28 is under attack and Agent smith is missing. Is this the end of knightmare?

INCURSION: Dragonfire