Incursion Legends

Tales of the Heroes of the Hidden Worlds

Incursion Legends is a series of stories and short novellas of the heroes that defend humanity from the monsters in the night. 

The first series tells the tale of the members of Team Knightmare. Each novella offers a glimpse at the life and personality of a Knightmare Special Agent. All of the novellas take place between the end of INCURSION: Knightmare and the beginning of INCURSION: Faeblade.

Below is the listing of current and anticipated titles in the first Incursion Legends Series.

Incursion Legends

Series One

What would you do if you died, and then woke up as a monster? Special Agent Burt Holstein works for the Department of Homeland Security in a top-secret department called Section 28. His job is to hunt monsters. And now he is one. It must be Monday.

Six Feet Under is available in e-book format from 

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Are you predator or prey? Ghost is on the hunt for an incursion monster, but he may be the one being hunted.

Ghost Hunting will release in Spring 2017 


Will you answer the call? Doc is called in the middle of the night to perform her duties as a Catholic priest, but she may need more than her Rosary tonight. 

What's Up, Doc? will release in Late Spring 2017 


Are you afraid of ghosts? Spooky is on a weekend paranormal hunt with friends when they encounter an entity that is unlike any others.

Spooky Encounters will release in Early Summer 2017 


What happens when your past catches up to you? Little G is hunted by someone he put away. The criminal wants revenge, and she has a few tricks up her sleeves.

God Complex will release in Early Summer 2017 


Do you have a dark side? Boomer has to come to grips with hers. And it's hungry.

Baby Boomer will release in Mid-Summer 2017 


Ever had a blind date go bad? Heavy finds out what happens when your date's idea of a "nightcap" is a bit more than he bargained for.

Heavy Hitter will release in Mid-Summer 2017 


Is it true that you can never go home? Do-Right returns to his hometown to help pick up the pieces of the vampire invasion. Something dark is waiting for him.

Do-Right By Me will release in Late Summer 2017 


Who is in your family? Scout goes home to talk to his grandfather, the tribe Shaman. Unfortunately, someone else wants to talk to the Shaman about family maters, and he's not friendly.

Scout's Honor will release in Late Summer 2017