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Welcome to Section 28 Publishing

Section 28 Publishing is a small, independent press created by author Bryan Donihue to publish his dark paranormal fiction. The fiction published by Section 28 is dark horror and action, with a paranormal backdrop. 

Why Section 28?

The name "Section 28" comes from the first book published under the title, INCURSION: Knightmare. In that book, "Section 28" is the name of a secret division of Homeland Security that is charged with monitoring and controlling the paranormal in the United States. Bryan chose this name in homage to that organization, and his first published fiction.

Independent Author Help

Not only is Section 28 Publishing the imprint for Bryan Donihue's dark fiction, Bryan also wants to use the imprint to help independent authors who desire to publish. With his skills, experience, and contacts, Bryan is able to help those who may have trouble with editing, graphic design, or even book layout and design. If you are an independent author, Bryan can help you. 

Cover & Interior Design

Completely custom book covers and interior layout for print books and conversion to eBook for authors. Priced for Indie Authors

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Publishing Consulting

Get advice and help that you need. Marketing such as bookmarks, posters, art prints, and author website design are all available. 

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Client Portfolio

Examples of book covers, marketing pieces, bookmarks, and posters. Includes work for clients and Bryan's own projects.

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